Meet the Pros


Austin  Logan
Austin is a professional listener, or at least that’s what his professors tell him. He is currently attending Gonzaga University to obtain a Masters in Community Counseling, which he will be using to help people help themselves. Want to get in touch with Austin?  Send him an email!


Daniel  Crary
Dan is a professional singer, or at least that’s what he tells himself. When he’s not singing or dancing, Dan’s writing screenplays and comics. He lives in NYC  and is pursuing a career in singing and acting. Want to get in touch with Dan?  Send him an email!


Clark  Hodges
Clark is a professional web designer, or at least he will be when he gets his act together. When he’s not listening to podcasts or terrible rap music, he’s painting, making websites, and drinking coffee. Some of his work can be seen at Want to get in touch with Clark?  Send him an email!