Let it never be said I don’t give the people what they want. And I know what they want: me talking about my upcoming garage sale.

This weekend I have one coming up. Going to try and trap me that memorial day weekend money. Totally planned it that way. On purpose.

But that means I have to finish what I started when I moved in, and pack up the rest of the rooms downstairs. I started today. Oh man. The dust and the smell of old cat pee are stifling. And why was there so much fabric? Just loose fabric. Did Nana intend to sew it later? Into what? She never sewed. She just had six trash bags worth of fabric on the off chance something needed poinsettia print fabric sewn into it.

That’s what I have to root through for this garage sale. So, if you’re not doing anything this weekend (and why would you be, it’s only memorial day), come on by and see if there are any old clothes, candle holders, or Christmas decorations you absolutely have to have.