Back on Track

There’s been a lot of silence from the blog lately. Unfortunately, part of this is my fault. When one person in a small group starts slacking, it’s easy for the others to follow suit. Even Austin came close to missing a post, which would have been detrimental to the time-space continuum.

I wish I could say I was too busy to blog, but that’s not the case. The reality is, I haven’t wanted to share my thoughts with the public lately. I haven’t had much good news on the job or personal front, so my attempts to find highlights and lessons felt desperate and forced. I didn’t want to air my grievances to our readers.

Fortunately, there was some good news over the last couple weeks. I’m most likely getting a promotion at my current job, and I’m working with a technology headhunter to see if I can get placed in a Fortune 100 tech company as a temporary contract worker. All of this may result in better pay, a more consistent schedule, and more responsibility/training opportunities.

So, to anyone that has been concerned about my silence (hi, parents), I’m doing just dandy, and things are starting to come together. People told me that it takes 6 months to get settled into New York, so I’m right on schedule. I’m optimistic about the future, and I’m pretty happy with the present.

So here’s an update to break the silence. Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty more to say over the following weeks.


  1. Think of you often – praying for a breakthrough for you in your career. Steele would be so proud that you are following your dreams and stepping out of your comfort zone. Hang in there – good things ahead :)

    • Thank you Elizabeth, that’s very kind. I just posted another post about my future plans, and I really am trying to dream big. Thanks so much for your support and kind words, keep me in your prayers and I’ll have you in mine.