Go It Alone

In just over a week, I will spend my first Christmas away from home. I’m blessed that I was able to make it home for the first 24 holidays, but that doesn’t make it any easier to miss the 25th. I’ll also have the apartment to myself for the next couple weeks, making it a very muted, very sparse holiday – in my apartment, at least.

Fortunately, I have some amazing neighbors that are letting me spend Christmas with them, and the day will be full of food, singing, and merriment. Thank you so much, Cameron and Amanda – I’m looking forward to it.

Until then, I’m buckling down on building websites and making presents. With the roommates gone, my projects can spread into the common areas – a welcome option when working on multiple pieces at a time. As sad as I am to be without roommates, I think I’m going to be a productive powerhouse with my newfound freedom.

So away I go to keep clicking, painting, and working.

Happy holidays, everyone.

– Clark