A new blog, a new roommate, a new job, oh, and a new wife: it’s a season of change for old Dan. And while I love change, one or two at once would be nice. Five or more and I begin to remember why I can’t juggle.

I love my life, and all the exciting things that are happening. I’m a happily married man, with a great apartment, and a cool “new” roommate. And on top of all this, I have finally launched my second blog. That’s right, Tales from Two Cities is now live, with new posts coming at you twice a week (with more  content to follow.)

I’m busy, and that’s a good thing.

Until, one thing goes wrong. A new catering company leads to more work, that gives me less time to write. A new roommate means navigating the city with a fresh face, and less time to relax. A new apartment means a great space to live in, and battles with the utilities companies over past balances left by the previous tenants. And a new wife means…Ok, that one’s just awesome.

For every new, exciting thing, more complications arise. I find myself dealing with repairmen, collections agents, cab drivers, and friends like never before. I’m on the phone, emailing, and taking care of things, and through all the new stress, I’m counting myself lucky. I’m only having to deal with these things, because my life is pretty great most days.

I am married! I have a great apartment! And a new blog with a dear friend!

So, in the spirit of that, go check out the first two post at Tales from Two Cities. I think you just might like it.