Something’s Coming

I love reunions, reboots, and resurrections. Whenever a canceled TV show, a band getting back together, or a sequel finally getting green lit, always thrills me. And in a little less than a week, one of the greatest duos in history will be getting back together.

No, not Simon and Garfunkel.

Clark and Dan.

That’s right. After a two and a half year break, my former roommate will become my current roommate. CLark is taking a huge step in his life, and coming to New York City to chase his dreams. And when he gets here, he will be setting up shop in our apartment, and not just to “crash.” His name is on the lease.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Dan, you’re married now! Won’t that be weird for you and Courtney, a newly married couple, to have a roommate? That will put your friendship under pressure as well, and in six months you’ll hate each other! Why would you do that?” Believe me, I know that it seems like a bad idea. But, frankly, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Clark is a great friend, an excellent collaborator, and a damn good roommate. He is responsible, charitable, fun, and does not sweat the small stuff. Living with him was a blast the first go around, and now it will be a even more fun because my wife will be here too! (Right?)

No one in New York wants a roommate. But, no one could live here without one. When Courtney and I started looking at apartments together before our wedding, we could find no good options in a 1 bedroom that we could afford. And at that same time, Clark was beginning to search for a place to live in the city. It all came together rather nicely. So, we got a month of extended honeymoon, and Clark got a furnished apartment when he arrived. Win-win.

I’m thrilled that one of my best friends is going to be living with me again. Even though things have changed drastically, I remain confident that we will have a blast. In fact, we will have so much fun, that Austin will move out here just so he doesn’t feel left out.