Take Your Time

Tonight’s the kind of night where all I want to do is sit back, drink wine, and listen to some Downtempo. No overthinking, no anxiety, just being in the moment and watching the rain.

So I’m going to do just that, and I invite you to join me. Put on some headphones, kick up your feet, and find a window to gaze out. You have my permission to relax. Heck, you can even go back for a second glass – I won’t judge.

As always, thanksĀ for reading.

– Clark


  1. Clark – you are young, you have the world at your feet, you have Austin and Dan and Courtney, you have an abundance of talent, and you have wine. You will succeed and I will say I knew you when. Go out and conquer the world like I know you can. Because, then, I can post on FB how I knew you when. Win. Win.