Clear a Space

I’m a creature of habit, and living by myself for a year gave me complete freedom over these habits. In my old apartment, I sat in one of three places, left my glasses on the same end table, and put dirty dishes in the same place after every meal. My apartment was filled with loud music, and the television existed purely for video games. Nothing changed, and very few things surprised me.

All of that is quickly grinding to a halt.

Now that I’m living with my family, my office has been replaced with a couch and a small folding table in my parent’s living room. My floor speakers have been replaced with a single earbud, allowing me to respond to the random barrage of questions from my family. Music and podcasts have been replaced with the background buzz of television game shows. This is my life now.

Like Austin, I’m struggling to find a new flow in this old town. I want to retreat to my Missoula habits, but I no longer have the luxury. I’d retreat to my Billings-tailored habits from 5 years ago, but they carry all the baggage of a naive and lazy teenager.

So I guess I’m starting over. I need to find a way to push myself forward in a town that’s terrified of change – to find color in a town filled with white walls. I want to find new friends and adventures, while still visiting old friends and haunts.

I fear that by the time I find a new niche, it’ll be time to leave again.

But even if that’s the case, at least I’ll be leaving Billings with new friends, new memories, and new habits. Hopefully, the habits I develop over the following 1 1/2 months will lead to an even more productive lifestyle with an emphasis on relationships, physical health, and constant creation.

 At the end of the day, I want to leave Billings with a good taste in my mouth, ready to take on the Big Apple.