I’m back in my home town with two more degrees than I started with. I find myself asking; what now?

I already have quite a few plans for the next month: a Paul McCartney concert, planning for my best friends wedding, loan repayments, job hunting, apartment hunting, and helping my parents repair a house which had been befouled by years of incontinent cats.

Funny thing is, I never really planned for anything past Grad School. Part of me must have thought that the minute I got the degree, I would fall down dead, my life’s work complete. A month later I think I can call it. Not dead yet, with my whole future ahead of me.

Oh crap.

There’s no real compass for life other than what we give ourselves. Other people may weigh in on what they expect from you, but at the end of the day you only have yourself to answer to. My compass, and for the most part society’s, has been “get some schooling” for about as long as I’ve been alive. Well, mission accomplished. School gotten.

Which leaves me between life goals at the present. “Help others” is a good start, but its just vague enough to be restrictive, and so doesn’t really point me where I need to go.

But then again, and like my itinerary for this month implies, life never really slows down. I had the good fortune of attending Gonzaga, and that turned out pretty well. And like I mentioned before, sometimes lives can be changed by things we could never see coming. I need a plan, sure, but for August, I think my plan is to do all that stuff at the top. I may not have a compass yet, but I have a laundry list. It’s a start.