Stormy Waters

Life never seems to run out of curve balls to throw. There are things in your life that will forever change how you look at the world, and they haven’t even happened yet. And you won’t even see them coming until it’s over.

One of those things happened to me today.

I can’t name names, because the other person involved asked for privacy, and I’m going to respect that. The short version is that a colleague of mine I respect very much had a medical crisis, and is now managing those very precarious waters. And the kicker? This morning, that person was as healthy as I am.

For someone like me, who has less than optimistic views around life and death, coming face to face with the fragility of life like that is jarring. More than jarring, it’s terrifying. Even the prospect of losing someone I care about is enough to tempt me back to bad habits. Isolating, ignoring the problem, and losing myself into the idiot box are all old habits that come knocking when life gets hard.

This time, I’m not letting the temptation win out. I’m dealing with this crisis in a better way.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to eat this comfort food in front of me (babybel cheese, chinese food, and a caramel apple), call Dan for a shoulder to cry on, and post this blog so the whole world can hold me accountable to the change I’ve made.

And tomorrow, I’m going to go in to work with my head held high, and give my clients the time and energy they deserve.

As for the person fighting for his or her health, I hope and pray for a speedy recovery.


  1. I didn’t realize until just now that you had a comment section… This should be good.

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