A Resolution Revolution


For the last eight years, I have accomplished all of my New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions tended to fall into three categories: something to do with my weight, a project to build, and a list of books to read. I have built trunks out of pine, drawn pictures in charcoal, put on weight or lost a few pounds. I always take pride in crossing twenty to thirty books off my annual reading list, but I take even more pride in crossing off my resolutions.

However, this year is going to be a little different — I don’t have any New Years Resolutions.

I am not going to concern myself with a few items on a list. I could write down “get published” or “be in a film”, but why bother? I am working towards big goals and I don’t think writing them down will make them happen any faster.

Instead, I am going to focus on my heart and my mindset.

I am going to get mentally disciplined and build the focus I need to chase goals that are bigger than any list.  Goals like “loving people fiercely” and “breaking  down mental barriers”, which require concentration and mental clarity. I have to open my heart up to my friends and my collaborators  if I am going to share my passion. And keeping an open heart will help me love people fiercely and without reservation, which seems like a nice way to live.

My attitude and my passion are far more important than reading twenty novels or building a coffee table out of an old barrel. So this year I say goodbye to the list of goals and embrace the kind of change that will make me a better friend, creator and person not just this year for for years to come.

I’m ditching resolutions and I am becoming resolute.