Dream Big

Dream Big Star

With New Years just around the corner, I’ve been spending a lot of time evaluating my goals for 2014. Like many people, I’m promising myself a year of healthier living, bigger adventures, and stronger friendships.

But this year, I’m adding something a little different. I’m also promising myself a year of difficult decisions, unfamiliar situations, and sleepless nights. A year of discomfort and sacrifice.

Why would I possibly wish for these things? Well, I’m trying to be realistic about what’s required to fulfill my actual, much bigger goals. Within the next thirty days, I’ll be the founder and CEO of an online art collective, and I want to have a dozen artists on my platform by the time the ball drops again. By the following year, I want to do the same thing with photographers. I’ll also be starting an exciting new project with the Gold in Them Hills crew this Spring.

I know beyond a doubt that these goals won’t happen if I stay comfortable. Running an art collective requires putting yourself and your artwork in front of the world, and I have to be ready to face criticism. I’ll need to spend hours on the phone trying to convince people that my platform is worth their time, energy, and money. And I’ll have to be ready to face the thousands of tiny details that will inevitably find a way to the surface.

And I’m really excited to start.

I feel like my dreams have finally outgrown my fears, and I can now use fear as a fire under my feet. I know it’s going to be hard, but life isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m looking forward to the lessons I’ll learn, and I hope that I can help other people face their fears and set their own crazy resolutions. Until then, here’s to the New Year!

– Clark